Services N-ing


N-ing has extensive experience in the design and construction of road and railway schemes, including feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, as build design and construction supervision.

We work with local highway authorities, developers and construction consultants. Leading edge technology plays a key role in our work and our team of experienced engineers and technicians use a range of software packages AutoCAD , Civil3D, Vehicle swept path analysis softwares, GCM, and many other designed specificly for our company.

Company is having all necessary equipment to provide project from start to finish.

Because of our experience, quality, and ability to fast deliver the projects, we are often working as support for large consulting groups, with our work on horizontal and vertical alignments, earthworks modeling and cut-fill calculations, space and path analysis, and all necessary drafting for plans and profiles, cross sections…

N-ing is in possession of licenses P131G2 for design of highest road ranks and P141G2 for railway design, beside design licenses N-ing is owner of I141G2 license for railway construction, all issued by Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Republic of Serbia.