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Railway line Nis - Brestovac, Serbia



The railway line from Trupale, near Nis to the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is an extremely important connection between South European countries and Europe. The line is a part of PAN European Transport Corridor X and is a main railway route connecting the FYROM and Greece with Central Europe. According to the conclusions of the SERG (South Eastern Europe Railway Group) of the International Union of Railways (UIC), all lines within Corridor X represent a major priority for development of the whole region. For Serbia, this line is important as it is the main railway axis to the southern part of the country.

Under Project Preparation Facility (EU IPA 2010) PPF4, the Preliminary Design for the modernization of the railway line Nis- Presevo-State Border, section Nis-Brestovac is developed from the point of exit from the Niš Station on km 244 + 600 to the point of entrance into the Brestovac Station on km 267+430, including the Environmental Impact Assessment Study and the Feasibility Study with the Cost Benefit Analysis for Nis-Presevo- FYROM Border section.

The single track Nis-Brestovac section will have a design speed of 120 km/h. The section will include the re-construction of 22.4 Km, single track, section of the Nis-Presevo-Macedonian border rail line. The implementation of investment rail section Nis-Brestovac is expected to increase the passenger transport flows along the Southern part of Corridor X, which is induced both by modal shifts and by changes in the route choice. Furthermore, the implementation of investment is expected to result in a moderate increase in freight transport demand. Serbia serves to a major extent as transit country for good flows to and from the rest of the EU and non-EU countries in the south-eastern part of Europe. Generally, large rail freight flows in the countries are strongly oriented in the South –North direction.

Total, estimated financial costs of the rehabilitation is 62,724,535 €. Yearly maintenance costs are estimated at 36,090 €/km per year.

N-ING Company developed project documentation for Consortium lead by Louis Berger, including topography survey, geotechnical survey, hydrology survey, preliminary designs (alignment, permanent way, stations, power supply, signaling, structural, traffic, functional, hydro technical, etc.)


European Union, represented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia


Ministry of Transport on behalf of “Serbian Railways”

Dates (from - to):

2011 - 2013


Lead by Louis Berger

Services provided by N-ING:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Alignment design
  • Cost analysis
  • Verification of documents