N-ing is a full service engineering and consulting firm encompassing the areas of highway and railway design, and grant services through all project development phases from conception through completion, and beyond.

Since its founding in 1997, N-ing along with partner company NIZ d.o.o. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been committed to excellence in Professional Engineering services for government, industry and private clients.

We are a client first company, committed to providing our clients with the best technical expertise and top quality strategies to solve their problems and complete their projects. Since our founding we continually strive to improve our technical expertise through innovation, following new technologies and continuing education and hiring the best and brightest people.

Our goal is to deliver high quality, but still cost effective projects, with vision to be recognized as leading design company in region, who is able to cover the complete life cycle of civil engineering projects. With our partners we are able to cover all fields of civil engineering.

Specialized Expertise: